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London Pools: Rendering, Waterproofing & Tiling for Clear Water Revival

We're pleased to share our recent collaboration with Clear Water Revival at Honeywell Road, London.  ABM Tiling is more than a tiling company; we're your partners in complete pool transformations.

In partnership with Trimline, we implemented a full Laticrete system. This involved meticulous rendering and waterproofing, ensuring a solid foundation for the final pool finish and then tiling, grouting and silicon work.


Beyond tiling, we specialize in offering end-to-end pool solutions. From rendering to waterproofing, our approach is grounded in technical expertise and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved.

In our ongoing partnership with Clear Water Revival, the completion of the Honeywell Road project marks a significant milestone — our 13th successful collaboration. We're deeply appreciative of the trust bestowed upon us, working alongside Clear Water to bring to life the breath-taking pools they envision. Each project is a testament to Clear Water's commitment to creating exceptional aquatic spaces, and we take immense pride in contributing to the realisation of these remarkable environments for our clients.


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